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Clarins – Capital Lumière Serum


Clarins - Capital Lumière Serum
Clarins – Capital Lumière Serum

For a skin where the years have left no shadow …

Buy Clarins Capital Lumière Serum  at the best price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Don’t let dark spots darken your face!

To display, despite age, naturally luminous and more even skin: the wish of all women, as well as the desire to regain smooth and firm skin.

To meet their expectations, Clarins goes further and enriches the Capital Lumière skincare line with an exceptional anti-dark spot, anti-aging concentrate: Sérum Capital Lumière.

Day after day, the spots are reduced, your complexion is unified. Wrinkles are smoothed out, your skin is firmer, it regains its deep luminosity. Immediately the skin is smooth, soft and luminous.

Leader in anti-aging care, Clarins offers women a new product, a concentrate of youth for skin radiant with health and vitality. Sérum Capital Lumière brings stunning results and gives the skin the luminous appearance and without spots of younger skin.

Specific actions Capital Lumière Serum:

  • Anti-Dark Spot Action: Reduce spots and prevent their reappearance.
  • Effectiveness Booster Action: Amplify the action of Capital Lumière Treatments.

Common actions of Capital Lumière treatments:

  • Anti-Aging Action: Restore firmness, smooth wrinkles.
  • Brightness Action: Restore and preserve deep brightness.

Capital Lumière Serum – Anti-Dark Spot Action:

Capital Lumière Serum - Clarins
Capital Lumière Serum – Clarins

To reduce pigment spots that multiply with age, Sérum Capital Lumière adds the unifying properties of two exceptional active ingredients.

  • Hexylresorcinol is the benchmark full blot molecule. Its depigmenting action and its high tolerance by the skin allow daily use. It blocks melanogenesis by inibuting the two enzymes responsible for the production of pigments.
  • Sabline is a pioneer plant which promotes the uniformity of the complexion and reinforces the action of hexylresorcinol.

Dark spots are reduced, the complexion is even, without risk of skin irritation.

Capital Lumière Serum – Effectiveness Booster Action:

Cangzhu extract activates the G protein which regulates cell activity and amplifies the messages conveyed by cosmetic active ingredients. It thus helps to awaken cellular activity slowed down by age: renewal of keratinocytes in the epidermis, revival of collagen synthesis by fibroblasts.

The skin is revitalized, cellular activity is boosted.

Capital Lumière Serum – Anti-Aging and Brightness Action:

A major active in Capital Lumière creams, officinal cochlear extract decreases the rate of oxidized intracellular proteins and delays the appearance of senescent cells.
The combination of waltheria extract relaunches collagen synthesis, protects fibers from degradation and reorganizes the network of dermal fibers for better light reflection.
The katafray extract and a double hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin on the surface and in depth for a lasting effect and reinforced protection.

The skin is firmer, it regains its deep luminosity.

Capital Lumière treatments:

Brightness rediscovered, years faded …

Clarins Capital Light Treatment
Clarins Capital Light Treatment

More than firm skin, better than smooth skin with reduced wrinkles: skin where years have left no shadow. 

  • Les soins anti-âge d’excellence : Le défi ? Préserver le “capital lumière” de la peau qui diminue inéluctablement avec l’âge. Les soins Capital Lumière redonnent aux femmes , dès 50 ans, ce “plus” de jeunesse et de luminosité, signe de vitalité et de bonne santé.
  • Une intelligente complémentarité : Capital Lumière Jour et Capital Lumière Nuit interviennent avec la même efficacité sur la sénescence cellulaire et la régénération dermique. Mais chacun y ajoute une action ciblée, le premier sur la pigmentation, plus importante le jour, le second sur la microcirculation, plus sollicitée la nuit. Le sérum vient démultiplier l’action des crèmes, en s’attaquant aux signes du temps les plus difficiles à contrôler : les taches pigmentaires, l’assombrissement du teint et la perte accrue de luminosité profonde.
  • Entre les textures et la peau, l’accord parfait : Capital Lumière c’est aussi la plaisir de textures somptueuses et d’une formule olfactive aux notes tendres et fraîches, conçues pour procurer une sensation de bien-être immédiate. Pour combler les attentes de toutes les femmes, les soins se déclinent en version confort pour les peaux sèches, légère pour toutes les peaux et avec protection anti-UVB SPF 15.

Le Sérum Capital lumière sera disponible en août 2011 en flcon-pompe 30 ml.

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Retrouvez le au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire parfums : Sérum Capital Lumière  – Fragrenza Perfumes ainsi que tous les produits de la brand Clarins.

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