Ck2, the latest from Calvin Klein


Ck2, the latest from Calvin Klein
Ck2, the latest from Calvin Klein

If you are one of those who love surprising fragrances then you will be delighted to learn that Calvin Klein, the undisputed giant of fashion and beauty made in the USA, is releasing a brand new fragrance called CK2 . The other good news gentlemen is that you will be able to share this magnificent perfume with your beloved since it is a unisex fragrance, like the very famous Eau de Toilette CK One which lives the just over twenty years ago. This fragrance is announced as a fresh woody fragrance and should be released in February 2016 in the Macy’s store in New York. Its marketing will then be extended to all stores around the world a few months later.

A concept following the same strategy as that of the famous CK One by Calvin Klein

Consensual and aimed at audiences of all ages, CK One , with its notes of tea, bergamot and flowery, fruity and spicy accords, was very innovative. It immediately won over the hearts of a large number of consumers, thus ranking, from the year of its release, at the top of the best-selling perfumes in the world. Also, CK2 follows the same strategy and intends to target a fairly young clientele. As Calvin Klein Marketing Director Melisa Goldie puts it: “The launch of CK2 represents an extension of the brand’s overall strategy to reach a younger consumer base, through modern and authentic stories”.

CK2 intends to upset thousands of teenagers and become the cult perfume of a whole generation, as did its eldest. It is therefore addressed to all authentic individuals, in agreement with themselves and above all with others. Also, these individuals, yet very different from each other, would find themselves in the same attitude and especially in one and the same perfume. CK2 is an essence that advocates sharing, especially that between a man and a woman. Calvin Klein offers us a symbol of freedom, totally in tune with the times and available to all young people of the new generation.

CK2, a confusing scent

CK2 is a resolutely modern unisex fragrance. It was developed by the American perfumer Coty, world leader in perfume and notably holding the Calvin Klein eau de toilette license. Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, you will probably not resist its fresh and woody fragrance.

Calvin Klein wants to surprise and then dares to add unexpected ingredients like wasabi. It therefore combines with mandarin and violet in its top notes, thus providing an extremely fresh finish. As you can imagine, this essence does not lack spice and promises to awaken your senses. Its heart, on the other hand, is more flowery and mainly contains rose. Finally, its wake is deeper and more sophisticated. Its scents are very woody and we find in particular vetiver, sandalwood and incense.

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