Carita Progressive Intense Smooth Micro Peeling


Carita Progressive Intense Smooth Micro Peeling
Carita Progressive Intense Smooth Micro Peeling

Thanks to the concept of Global Beauty, the Carita sisters created the temple of beauty. Both used to say “We are entrepreneurs of the metamorphosis”. At 11, rue du Faubourg-St-Honoré, success took root. “Progressive Neomorphose Carita” is the 1st line of professional anti-aging, transformative skin care products. This new line of care repairs your skin in depth, restores the complexion to its radiance while redefining the contours. The Progressive range not only has a resurfacing action, but above all a filling action. Here, Carita presents us Progressif Micro Peeling Lisse Intense.

Carita Progressif Intense Smooth Micro Peeling, a mask as complete as it is original

Your Progressive Micro-Peeling is a real alternative to dermatological peeling. As a real treatment, your Micro Peeling Mask is complete and original. It effectively eliminates all impurities and dead cells, while helping to restart cell renewal and promote the reduction of wrinkles, just like under the effect of a peel. After only 10 minutes of application, this treatment produces an authentic regenerated skin effect. It is easy to rinse off with water and reveals an even complexion. Your skin is like “velvety”. Your face is perfectly hydrated, and really plumped, while your complexion regains all its luminosity.

How to use your Intense Smooth Micro Peeling Mask?

You can use your Carita Mask once or twice a week. It is advisable to apply it in a very thin layer on the whole of your face beforehand cleansed, while avoiding the contour of the eyes. Then let it dry completely and then scrub until all residue is removed. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Carita Intense Smooth Micro Peeling Mask is a treatment of great technology. Thanks to its active ingredients, the cell renewal of your skin is activated and your wrinkles are really reduced.

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