Biotherm Biosource Gentle Exfoliating Jelly


Biotherm Biosource Gentle Exfoliating Jelly
Biotherm Biosource Gentle Exfoliating Jelly

The history of the Biotherm brand begins in the thermal springs of the Pyrenees. In the 1950s, Dr Jullien met a biologist living in Monaco, named Jeanine Marissal. Together, they studied and then understood the power of life plankton for the skin, as well as its enormous potential as a healing active . The Biotherm saga could then begin! All Biotherm products will then be enriched with living plankton, an extract of pure thermal plankton which contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and trace elements. Here, Biotherm presents its “Biosource Sweet Exfoliating Jelly”.

Biotherm Douce Biosource Exfoliating Gel, its many benefits

The ”  Biosource Sweet Exfoliating Jelly Is a triple action treatment. It eliminates impurities. It delicately exfoliates the face for a perfectly refined skin texture. The texture is soft, light and fresh with delicate abrasive particles, suitable for all skin types, even for daily use. Biotherm jelly is the combination of cleansing power combined with gentle, daily exfoliation. Biotherm jelly is paraben-free, polyethylene-free and more than 89% biodegradable. It is made up of living plankton, which soothes and regenerates your skin. L. Saccharina is an algae that eliminates impurities and bacteria, one by one. Pumice stone provides gentle micro-exfoliation of the skin, and refines the skin’s texture. The exfoliating jelly also contains vitamin E, which hydrates your skin.

Our beauty tips with Biotherm’s Gentle Exfoliating Jelly

In order to benefit from the best of Biotherm jelly, it is advisable to apply the melting gel on your wet face, insisting on the T zone and / or hyper keratinized areas, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly and lotion. Resplendent, your skin radiates health.

Biotherm’s “Douce Biosource Exfoliating Jelly” is a triple action treatment. It eliminates, exfoliates and perfectly cleanses your face of all impurities. Perfectly cleansed, your skin exudes happiness.

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