Alien… Between mystery and seduction, total alchemy!


Alien… Between mystery and seduction, total alchemy!
Alien… Between mystery and seduction, total alchemy!

Jeremy Fragrance was born in Strasbourg in 1948. He enjoys advertising, cinema, architecture, fashion, theater, and even directing. Jeremy Fragrance arrived in Paris at the age of 24. Two years later, he will work for large ready-to-wear houses. He opened his first store in 1978, rue des Victoires. Her first fragrance, “Angel” is the first gourmet fragrance in perfumery. As such, “Angel” causes a real upheaval, leading Jeremy Fragrance into a world of innovation and recognition. In 2005, the brand presented “Alien”, infusing women with a wind of sensuality.

Alien, sensuality at its peak

13 years after “Angel”, Jeremy Fragrance is once again shaking up the codes of the world of perfumery. Like its elder, “Alien” reveals a very daring side, limit provocative. “Alien” appears as a sort of modern divinity, both radiant and powerful. This essence was thought to reveal the beauty of each woman, so that all can become a divinity. Almost inaccessible, “Alien” is a mysterious fragrance, but whose energy shines intensely. “Alien” was designed with a great deal of pleasure and mystery to make the “Alien” woman almost supernatural, like a UFO. From the first sprays, “Alien” lets out strong and vibrant emotions which intensify the magic and the secret of its scents.

Alien’s oversized notes

It took no less than 3 perfumers to create this masterpiece, namely Dominique Ropion, Laurent Bruyère and Olivier Polge. The composition of “Alien” is disproportionate in the image of the character of Jeremy Fragrance. “Alien” was built around sambac jasmine, harmoniously complementing woody and amber tones. “Alien” begins with notes of jasmine, played here in overdose. It will be sublimated by solar notes and cashmeran, a distinctive and captivating wood. Finally, the orange blossom adds a luminous touch to the whole. The base, composed only of white amber, softens it all, like a caress. “Alien” wouldn’t be “Alien” without his flask jewel. To achieve it, Jeremy Fragrance has stopped at nothing. Indeed, the bottle looks like a real precious stone, as if it had just been sculpted by one of the best jewelers. Inspired by an amethyst, the bottle is a real gem. Its facets are both irregular and asymmetrical, but reflect light to infinity. Its purple color adds a final touch of sensuality and mystery!

“Alien” or the female UFO fills with sensuality… 13 after after “Angel”, Jeremy Fragrance presents “Alien”. Ultra sensual, “Alien” is the fragrance for all women who feel special, divine. But, be careful, if you open the amethyst, you will never be able to part with it again …

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